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The Initiative

A leadership-based training for African primatologists.

School Facilities

A modest and well-equipped school facility to accommodate training participants and trainers


A hands-on practical and research oriented courses.

Primatology 101

Prospective primatologists with 0 experience and 100% interest in African primates will be taught with ‘tailored’ training modules.

Leadership Work-shop

A one-stop shop for equipping with skills and developing the leadership that will drive change in the field of primatology, pioneer cutting-edge research and initiate conservation actions.

Practical Learning

Well-defined and structured curriculum reinforcing practical teaching that will shape leaders in primate research and conservation.

Renowned Trainers

Training instructors will range from current leaders in primatology, government circles, private sector to political/economic advisers, and community leaders.

introducing our training…

About the Training Initiative

The African Primatologists Training School is designed to be a learning environment that offers conservation leadership-based training to African primatologists. read more…

The vision of the organization

Our Vision

Our vision is an Africa in which primate species and diversity and its biological environments are preserved, managed and restored where needed.

Over 200

Primatologists in Africa


African primate sp. & ssp AND STILL COUNTING…


of primates are threatened globally


primate countries in Africa including Madagascar

What you need to know

About this Website

This website is designed as a promotional and fundraising information on-the-go and does not imply nor suggest the expression of any opinion or interest whatsoever on the part of the organizations and institutions mentioned herein or concerning the ideas projected, the status of the initiative, or of its authority, or concerning the presentation of a people, species and/or country.


Tel: 234-816-757-3177
E-mail: info@africanprimatologicaltraining.org

Entry Requirements

Learn how you can be one of the training participants in the training school.

Support Us

Find out how you can support this training initiative.

Browse through our primates gallery

Primates Collection

Cercopithecus mona

  Common Name: Mona Monkey Countries of Occurrence: Benin; Cameroon; Ghana; Nigeria; Togo IUCN Red List Category: Least Concern (LC)

Cercopithecus albogularis phylax

  Common Name: Patta Island Monkey Countries of Occurrence:  Present on Patta and Witu Islands, Lamu Archipelago, Kenya. Possibly present in southern Somalia. IUCN Red List Category: Vulnerable (VU)

Cercopithecus denti

  Common Name: Dent’s Monkey Countries of Occurrence: Occurs in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo as far east as western Rwanda and Uganda, and as far north as the Central African Republic. IUCN Red List Category: Least Concern…

Cercopithecus wolfi elegans

  Common Name: Lomami River Wolf’s Monkey Countries of Occurrence: Endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in central and southern regions between the Lomami and Lualaba Rivers. IUCN Red List Category: Vulnerable (VU)…

Cercopithecus wolfi pyrogaster

  Common Name: Fire-bellied Wolf’s Monkey Countries of Occurrence: Found in south-western Democratic Republic of Congo and northern Angola, between the Rivers Kwango and Kasai-Lulua. IUCN Red List Category: Vulnerable (VU)

Cercopithecus wolfi wolfi

  Common Name: Congo Basin Wolf’s Monkey Countries of Occurrence: Only found in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), with the former located in the western and central regions, between the Congo and Sankuru Rivers. IUCN Red List…


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