Phaner furcifer

  Common Name: Masoala Fork-marked Lemur or Eastern Fork-marked Lemur Range: This species is found in north-eastern Madagascar from Toamasina north to and including the Masoala Peninsula. IUCN Red List Category:  Vulnerable (VU)

Phaner electromontis

  Common Name: Amber Mountain fork-marked lemur or Montagne d’Ambre fork-crowned lemur or Tanta Range: Occurs in north Madagascar, in the regions of Montagne d’Ambre and Ankarana. IUCN Red List Category:  Endangered (EN)

Phaner parienti

  Common Name: Sambirano Fork-marked Lemur or Pariente’s Fork-marked Lemur Range: This species inhabits the Sambirano region of northwestern Madagascar, south of Ambanja, its range including the Ampasindava Peninsula and extending south…

Phaner pallescens

  Common Name: Pale Fork-marked Lemur or Western Fork-marked Lemur Range: This species, which has the largest range of any Phaner species, is patchily distributed along a narrow strip of western Madagascar forests. IUCN Red List…